Does Science ever talk to Spirituality?

Institute for Science and Spirituality Delhi invites all rationally inclined seekers for a serious deliberation!

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What do we do at Institute for Science and Spirituality?

ISS is working with the main objective of rekindling interest in spirituality within the scientific community whereby the latter evolves a spiritual, anti-material perspective; while at the same time helping spirituality develop a scientific and dogma free outlook which is already built into its structure.

  • We organise conferences, workshops and seminar that promotes cross talks between science and spirituality.
  • We conduct philosophical and scientific research on the fundamental questions on life and cosmos.
  • We conduct short term courses on different themes on science and spirituality
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Our Research Activities

We conduct studies on many different areas related to science and spirituality, viz., consciousness studies, cognitive science, ancient indian history, artificial intelligence, vedic philsophy, western philosophy, etc.

Consciousness Studies

Consciousness which gives meaning to our life had been a tough problem to deal in modern science. Most notably subjectivity that it brings in becomes a no go in the reductionist framework. Interestingly, consciousness studies is the summit of all of scientific disciplines, i.e., physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, philosophy, mathematics, etc.

The hard problem and the binding problem of consciousness might indicate a non-material origin of consciousness expressed through some subtle matter. Vedic framework suggests it to be mind-like matter which can be objectively studied in science.

Ancient Science and Technology

Our vedic scientific tradition offers plethora of technological applications, viz., advanced techniques of mining, metallurgy, etc. As per modern standards, these may appear works of primitive people. However, there is a great treasure house yet to be disclosed in its own right.

Sanskrit and Theology

Sanskrit is considered the root of all languages. Vedic theology and in fact all the teasures of Vedic scriptures are encoded in this language. Unlike western philosophy and theology, Vedic theology is far more complete and addresses all different subtle aspects of human curiosity. Since Vedic theological framework is the basis of the all of Vedic treasures of knowledge in its holistic approach to truth, it offers a great scope for research.

Some of Our Current Events

One of the primary events open to all is ISS Sunday Seminar which invites many guests from wide variety of disciplines. In these interesting sessions, we brainstorm on the fundamental questions related to life and cosmos in light of Vedantic philsophy. Apart from that, ISS conducts some regular courses, two annual conferences and several other activities.

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